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How Do We Produce Preserved Palms?

The preserved palm fronds and bark components are harvested from a palm farm harvesting facility. The fronds are carefully cut and taken from the live trees, then sent to a preserving facility to be internally treated with a proprietary organic formula


Each frond will remain preserved anywhere from 4 to 6 years, and all
fronds include internal fire retardant within the preserving formulation
which has been tested and approved by the California State Fire Marshal
for products identified in sections 13115, California Health and Safety

The bark, which is also harvested, is then carefully assembled onto a steel pipe in a manner that mimics the way a live palm grows.
The palm bark is natural and is not preserved in any way. It is hand placed strategically (piece by piece) on to a steel pipe and backfilled with high-density foam. The top of every trunk has a specially designed steel receiver head with receptacles (holes) used to insert and support the preserved fronds.

Steel base Plate

Final finished look of a preserved palm.

Every receiver head is custom built with up to 45 receptacles. Clients have the option to choose the amount of fronds (anywhere from 25 to 45) to be used for each receiver head, depending on the overall desired look. Finally a steel base plate receiver with a protruding steel center pipe is specially built to slide the trunk into as a support system. For taller palms, these base plates can be directly bolted to a concrete slab floor. If special engineering is required our palms can be seismically and structurally engineered. In addition, electrical conduit pipes can be added within our trunks for special effect lighting, security cameras or speakers which can easily be mounted at the top of the palm. We custom build our palms anywhere from 6 to 50 ft. and have installation specialists available for projects worldwide.